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Can homeopathy help me with my current condition?
Homeopathy stimulates your own innate ability to heal and is usually not limited by the nature of the disease as it’s termed by the medical profession.  Mental, emotional and physical issues are treated as one dynamic disturbance – holistically.

What will the homeopathic consultation be like?
Your homeopath will ask you about your personal history and what you would like to see healed.  You will be asked to share how you live in your world and experience life is in order to understand you as a unique individual.  There are no physical examinations.

How often will I have to come and how long are the appointments?
The first visit is usually between two to three hours long.  Follow-up visits are usually an hour long. The first follow-up visit is normally 4 weeks after the initial consultation. Your individual needs will determine the frequency of the follow-up visits thereafter; normally, they are at 1 month intervals in the beginning.  The goal is to get you healthy so you only call your homeopath as needed.


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