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Introductory information about homeopathy

A brief and very good introductory book about the effectiveness of Homeopathy and how it works. Read/download the entire first edition of the book, Beyond Flat Earth Medicine: Homeopathy, by Timothy R. Dooley, ND, MD, or purchase the second edition here:

National Center for Homeopathy is an open-membership organization whose mission is to promote health through homeopathy. The organization provides general education to the public about homeopathy, and specific education to homeopaths in the U.S. Their website is filled with helpful information. Consider joining the NCH to receive their monthly magazine, Homeopathy Today, a great resource for anyone interested in homeopathy.

“Homeopathy for Everyone” at Hpathy.com, provides free, professional content and services for homeopathic professionals, students and the general public. Information may be searched within the site for just about any topic in the homeopathic realm.

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